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Are your competitors targeting your customers? Are your margins under pressure from competitors and customers alike? Are you certain your branding and marketing activities are working effectively for your business?

At YAP we work with leading Irish companies to simultaneously grow the top-line while also improving the bottom line. We’ve achieved this in one or more of the following ways:

  • Maintain price levels by reinforcing customer and market perceptions of a high-quality brand
  • Protect valuable market share by pro-actively identifying and responding to competitive price moves
  • Increase customer loyalty through increased and better two-way communication
  • Audit existing graphic design and print costs to identify cost savings, which can be reinvested in more strategic branding activities

The opportunities to make similar gains at your organisation are often somewhat unclear. However, if you initiate the call we can sit down and quickly explore what those opportunities are. You can reach me by phone at 01 845 7079 or by email at

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