"I am delighted to endorse the work of YAP Brand Consultancy, which was very professional. The identity developed for Friends in Ireland was the best I have seen in a long time and I look forward to rolling it out on our various projects in South Africa."
Marian Finucane   Friends in Ireland

"We are repeatedly impressed by Yap Brand Consultancy and the high level of services they provide. Their consistent quality, customer focus, innovation and reliability set them apart from the rest."
Fiona Lambert   Clarins Cosmetics

"Efficient, professional and high-quality design. We look forward to continued work with Yap Brand Consultancy. "
Joanne Tighe   Thierry Mugler

"I found working with Jack to be a highly creative and thoroughly enjoyable experience. He is completely dedicated to the job at hand and extremely giving of his time and energy in the pursuit of excellence. Above all else I found Jack to be a great listener which, for me is key in unlocking your thoughts, ideas and image in order to communicate them to the wider world in a unique and intelligent way."
Paul Hourican   Hurricane Records

"Yap came on board at the very early stages with Amphibian King and researched our market, by the time I had my first meeting with Jack Dinan it was clear he knew exactly what we were looking for. We regularly have customers comment on our logo and branding, I'd love to take the credit but everything was developed by Yap. Jack was very passionate about how we presented the company to the public and I still consult with him about most of our communication to our customers."
Damian McKeever   Amphibian King

"YAP Brand Consultancy is an extremely innovative enterprise with all the qualities of a contemporary professional business service and yet very friendly and always approachable and punctual. I would highly recommend them and believe they would benefit any company."
Emma Cahill   Ecolandscapes Ltd